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Complaint Processing Overview
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Complaint Processing Overview

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1.1 - Human Resources Division
  • The Division of Human Resources is Los Santos Emergency Services' leader in public service. Our function is to serve and connect people, communities, and government to build a safe, prosperous, and respected Medical Department.

    The Human Resources Division will conduct investigations of complaints alleging misconduct on the part of members of the Department. One of Human Resources’ primary functions will be to ensure the adherence to prescribed operational and administrative policies and procedures; it will maintain close liaison with area law enforcement agencies.
1.2 - Human Resources Report Requirements
  • Complaints must be received within 84 days (( 14 days )) of the date of occurrence. After these 84 days, the complaints will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If you want to be contacted please include a phone number or email address with your complaint. Human Resources can only investigate complaints about Los Santos Emergency Services employees.
1.3 - Investigations Process
  • ​Filing a Complaint: Complaint can only be made the website by submitting an Human Resources Complaint to the Human Resources Command team. A response may be in person or in writing from the HR Representative assigned to your case, the Human Resources Commanding Officer, the Assistant Commanding Officer, or the Director of ASB. Please allow 84 days to investigate and respond to your complaint.
  • Investigation, Report, and Recommendation: An investigation is launched and the facts obtained. During this stage, employees are required to answer questions. The result is issued in a report and classified in one of five categories:
    • Unfounded: Evidence tends to disprove the allegations.
    • Exonerated: Evidence tends to support the factual occurrence, but are the result of adherence to departmental policy or procedure. Exonerated complaints will be reviewed by the Chief for the consideration of policy revision.
    • Not Sustained: There is insufficient evidence to either prove or disapprove allegations.
    • Sustained: Evidence tends to support the allegations are true.
    • Recommendation: The investigator will make a finding based on the facts of the case. The chain of command will make discipline recommendations to the chief's office.
  • Review: The review of the investigation is conducted to ensure the finding of fact and the information does support the recommended findings of the chain of command.
    • Chain of Command Review: A sustained complaint will go through review. HR Command will meet with the employee and seek any additional information before making a recommendation for discipline. The chief's office will review all recommendations and concur or disagree with the findings and proposed discipline.
    • Legal Review: A document with charge and specification will be prepared by the Chief and reviewed by legal in all sustained cases.
    • Discipline: Chief meets with the employee to give charge and define complaint, which includes the proposed discipline. The goal of the discipline process is to have an investigation completed and the employee served charge and details of the complaint within 84 days from notification to discipline.

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