[TEMPLATE] Civilian Position(s) Application Template

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[TEMPLATE] Civilian Position(s) Application Template

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Copy the formats below and make a new topic here, if you feel ready to become a part of the Los Santos Emergency Services.

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Civilian Employment Application - FNAME LNAME

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[b]1.1) Full Name: [/b]ANSWER
[b]1.2) Date of Birth: [/b]DD/MMM/YYYY
[b]1.3) Gender: [/b]ANSWER
[b]1.4) Height: [/b]ANSWER
[b]1.5) Weight: [/b]ANSWER
[b]1.6) Phone number: [/b]NUMBER
[b]1.7) Place of Residence: [/b] Street Number and Name, City/County, State
[b]1.8) Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)?: [/b]YES/NO
[b]1.9A) How did you come about hearing of the open position at the LSES?: [/b]ANSWER
[b]1.9B) Did any current staff refer you to apply to LSES?: [/b]ANSWER(+WHO)
[b]1.10) Please provide proof of your drivers license (CCW License is required to become a security guard): [/b](( Unedited screenshot of this characters licenses ))
[b]2.1) Please select which job you are applying to below: [/b]
[  ] Receptionist
[  ] Security Guard (Must have CCW License)
[b]2.2) Please list all prior Employment/Education/Training that you may have that qualifies you for a position: [/b]
[b]2.3) Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense? If so, please explain:[/b]
[b]2.4) Do you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions that could impact your duties as an employee of the department?:[/b]
[b]2.5) Describe how you are able to work both as part of a team and when left to your own initiative:[/b]
[b]2.6) What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are?:[/b]
[b]2.7) Why do you wish to join the Los Santos Emergency Services?: [/b]
ANSWER (minimum 75 words)
[b]2.8) What makes you a good candidate to join the Los Santos Emergency Services?: [/b]
ANSWER (minimum 75 words)
[b]2.9) Please provide a short, informative biography about yourself: [/b]
ANSWER (minimum 100 words)
[b]3.1) MCRP Forum Profile: [/b]LINK
[b]3.2) Do you have at least 20 hours of playtime on MCRP? (Provide an unedited screenshot of your playtime)*: [/b]SCREENSHOT LINK(S)

[b]3.3) Age: [/b]ANSWER
[b]3.4) Country: [/b]ANSWER
[b]3.5) Timezone: [/b]ANSWER
[b]3.6) Discord Name and ID: [/b]ANSWER
[b]3.7) Do you have Discord installed?: [/b]YES/NO
[b]3.8) Do you have at least 5 hours a week time to dedicate to the group?: [/b]YES/NO
[b]3.9) Please Provide a Screenshot of your punishments on the UCP.[/b] SCREENSHOT LINK(S)
[b]3.10) Do you currently play on any other GTA-RP servers and are you in any group positions there?: [/b]ANSWER
[b]3.11) Anything else that you think you can contribute to your application?: [/b]ANSWER

[i][size=85]*This applies cross character if you have multiple characters.[/size][/i]
[center]I, [i]NAME HERE[/i], with my signature below, certify that I am able to meet the standards of eligibility for the Los Santos Emergency Services. All of the information listed above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept that this application may be denied for any reason seen fit by the Los Santos Emergency Services Recruitment Division or by the Chief of Emergency Medical Services.[/center]

[b]Date:[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY
[b]Signature:[/b] [i]FNAME LNAME[/i]